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Unearthly Cosmetics Rudo Rwaamai Eyeshadow Palette

Unearthly Cosmetics Rudo Rwaamai Eyeshadow Palette

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🌟 Introducing the mesmerizing collaboration between @Chipogray and @UnearthlyCosmetics: The Rudo Rwaamai Palette 🌟

Dive into a world of creativity with 8 enchanting matte shades that reflect the depths of familial bonds. From warm earthy tones to vibrant pops of colour, these mattes will wrap you in the embrace of a mother's love, nurturing your artistry with every stroke.

Glimmer and shine with 4 mesmerizing shimmer shades that evoke the joy of love and togetherness. Each shimmer sparkles like the laughter of loved ones, adorning your gaze with an enchanting brilliance.

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