Beauty Box by Tammy was started in 2021 by our brand owner Tammy. Having previously bought subscription beauty boxes from the top rivals, she soon discovered that skincare makes up the majority of these beauty boxes. As a makeup enthusiast, this did not satisfy her needs. This inspired her to start Beauty Box by Tammy, a business that puts makeup first.

We currently have 2 beauty mystery boxes that are available indefinitely. These boxes give the buyer at least 50% off brand-new products. These are 'true' mystery boxes- you cannot see the contents.

£20 box worth £40+
£50 box worth £120+

In addition, we often stock limited edition boxes which may have a specific theme or special value. 

Beauty boxes not for you?

At Beauty Box by Tammy we appreciate that mystery boxes are not for everyone. As well as our beauty boxes we also stock a large variety of individual products. Our range varies from drugstore to high-end brands with the intention of providing something for everyone. 

​If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us 🙂

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